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Walk Of Death - Monumental Afrakan Episode: 28th October 2023

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Walk Of Death – Untold Truth Of The Afrakan Colonial Soldiers (28 October 1943)

Blessings of ancestors are greater than those of living human beings.

This year, it marks 77 years of the wars end,we are blessed with the discovery of the untold truth of the Afrakan Colonial Soldiers. The discovery of our black world that was buried in time and currently brought to you by new revolutionary voices from afar that are calling globally.

Walk of death is one of the horrors of world wars and crimes of colonialism that deserves a lengthy or lasting memorial. It happened 79 years ago, when more than 33,000 South Afrakan soldiers and other soldiers from Afrakan states were captured as Prisoner of War in Tobruk, Libya.

My grandfather: BMT4379/N4379 -Benjamin Satiba Makgate was amongst those great men and he noted the happenings of their captivity in his diary.

They were living in FRONSTALAGS number 133, 153, 171 and 221 in Germany, France and Italy.

At this moment, the Europeans esp. the German people are frightened by the word FRONSTALAGS, which reminds them of their crimes. It turns out that world history that has been written by white historians is blind and mentally unsound when it comes to Afrakan heroes, the real heroes and veterans of wars. Afrakan soldiers were crucified during the walk of death and some survived the ordeal in Europe and the white world has never televised them. Remember that our Afrakan History was written by white historians on a white page with a white ink therefore narrating it was difficult for centuries.

Bear in mind that it started during the devastating 1 st World War, Afrakan Colonial Soldiers contributed to end the war that created miseries to the continent. Afraka is a bee that’s been tormented for its own honey.

Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers,fathers and uncles were conscripted to join the forces and displayed as canon fodders in both wars. More than two (2) million Afrakan soldiers died and they didn’t have without proper burials and there were no compensations for their families.

Black families were torn apart by European and western militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism where as Afraka was not supposed to be part of the wars as a victim of its own resources and wealth.

We inherited this trauma as the descendants of great men who have dehumanized by white supremacy systems.

We are facing a psychological problem because at this moment, Afrakans/Afrakan descendants are in an inferiority mental state that caused by these crimes of colonialism and it settled very well in their souls and paralyzed them.

We are afraid of changing the historical narratives. We care much about the former colonizer’s feelings than our trauma and de-colonizing history.

In our life time, we must commemorating them through raising them from the dead, walking miles in their shoes and facing the descendants of the colonizers tohonor and unfastening the white sheets that covered our black greatness for centuries. Let’s make Walk Of Death – Untold Truth Of The Afrakan Colonial Soldiers it rememberable and respected because every day of our lives is a page of our history.

Matilda TheeGreat

Benjamin Satiba Makgate (BMT4379/N4379)

Journal of Benjamin Satiba Makgate (BMT4379/N4379)

Benjamin Satiba Makgate (BMT4379/N4379)

History will repeat itself when we are all ignorant and inferiority is etched very well in our minds. As the granddaughter of BMT4379/Cpl.N4379 – Benjamin Satiba Makgate/Ben Makgate – Mollo oa Marumo. I wrote this biography to honor him and his fellow Afrakan Colonial Soldiers (ACS), who were Prisoners of War (POW) in 1939 – 1945 in Europe.

He wrote a journal (diary) relating to their captivity on the 21 June 1942 in Tobruk, Libya that needs to be narrated and shared with the entire world as a mechanism of de-colonizing history and deChristianizing God. Rewriting history is a must in our life time as the descendants of Afrakans who stomached centuries of crimes of colonialism and horrors of world wars.

Ben Satiba Makgate was a tribalist, Corporal, Soldiers, Prisoner of war, priest, father, great grandfather, grandfather, brother, uncle and a friend, who fought during the Second World War [1939 – 1945]. He was amongst millions of Afrakans who liberated Europe from Fascism. Bear in mind, that Afrakans fought during both world war I and II but white leaders erased their heroism, bravery and great deeds of protecting the world from one of their fascists and racists with their lives.

He noted most crucial atrocities and the brutalities they went through in his diary during their captivity in Europe as prisoners of war knowing very well that the white leaders, historians and cameraman will delete the importance of Afrakan soldiers in ending the wars. His prayers, hymns and versus from the bible made his life a living hell in the hands of the enemy as prisoners. His motivation and faith were stronger that the mountains and hope was the only mental shield for any situation they came across as Afrakan soldiers.

He was born on the 01st of January 1906 in Boomplaas, Lydenburg, which is in the eastern part of South Afraka. He was the last son of Matatane Martha & Sefofele Samuel Makgate. His parents passed away when he was eleven (11) years old. His mother passed on in 1917 and the father was promoted to glory the following year. He had two siblings, a brother Mmotlana Solomon and a sister Tlakale Sarah. They were orphans and lived with their uncle Mamatšhiri Enos Makgate.

Bloomplaas was and is still a beautiful fertile land near Lydenburg in Mpumalanga, South Afraka and it belongs to the indigenous South Afrakans and Benjamin Satiba Makgate’s family was living in that area. During the apartheid era, white people (Afrikaners) used to settle for fertile lands in South Afraka and forcefully moved Black people from most of their lands such as Boomplaas according to the 1913 Native Land act. Black people who were residing in Boomplaas before Afrikaners arrived in South Afraka in 1856 were landless. It was a land with lot of water and grazing areas for their livestock and mostly for farming/ploughing/cultivating food for their families and the rest of the society.

Most white people who settled in those areas were fellow white soldiers who fought during the World War II and were compensated by the apartheid regime with new houses/homes and the fertile lands except my grandfather (Benjamin Satiba Makgate) and his fellow black soldiers. They were given soldier boots, bicycles and the lucky ones got a horse. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is still on the process of commemoration for those who fought and passed on and for the few left who survived. The Commission is working to commemorate the forgotten ACS for almost eighty (80) years, which is an indication of unwillingness for justice, remembrance and reparations.

He was conscripted between 1939 and 1940, which he said; we were playing football (soccer) on the dusty grounds in Bloomplaas when white men approached us and lying that they are looking for people to work in factories and mines. We were still young and looking for jobs. They were having lots of food such as preserved beefs and breads. We never knew that we will not see our families again until the end of World War II. Bear in mind that they were on a horrendous mission of targeting young black males during apartheid system to join the forces.

After the 2nd world war he married Violet Magophethedi Masegankane Mampe Matladi Moetanalo. They were blessed with seven (7) children, six (6) girls (Mangiare, Nthapama, Nkitsing, Aspro, Moetana and Kidibone) and the only son named Mosotho.

He once worked at Ok Bizaar in Germiston and Vleisboom bakery. He was a priest/ministering at Thwala Street, Witbank/Emalahleni for Lutheran Church of South Africa from 1966 until1983 and for Lutheran Reformed Church of Southern Africa in 1980 until he became a Bishop and retired in 1990. His wife passed on the 1st of July 1995 at Nelspruit. He wished to join her before one year of her passing on and his wish was granted by badimo ba ba botse because he was admitted at Jane Furse hospital for a short illness. He shared with me (Matilda TheeGreat) his wish before he passes on by saying; I don’t want my wife to leave me for a year because I want to be with her in the grave. He passed away on the 01st May 1996 and he savored by his seven (7) children, twenty-eight (28) grandchildren, thirty-two (32) great grand grandchildren and three (3) great-great grandchildren.

Memorial Soul Repatriation: October 28th 2023 Berlin

It’s been a long four (4) years since I began to commemorate our forefathers who fought during the World War I & II in Europe. This year marks 79 years of the ending of World War II, whereby more than 1000 000 indigenous South Africans (blacks) served in both white wars as part of Native Military Corps in South Afraka but their contribution was largely unrecognized.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has begun with a process of commemoration for ages especially those who fought and died, even the few who survived. The process of the Commission to commemorate the forgotten Afrakan Colonial Soldiers (ACS) took almost eighty (80) years, which is an indication of unwillingness for justice, remembrance and reparations.

I decided to take the matters into my own hands to commemorate our forefathers by hosting lengthy remembrance, which supported by my grandfather’s diary and him as he was a living witness.

This year’s theme is “Memorial Soul Repatriation” as we are rectifying the errors of yesterday by de-colonizing and re-writing world history today on 28 October 2023 through Walk Of Death – Untold Truth Of The Afrakan Colonial Soldiers at the South African Embassy Berlin.

We are unifying the souls of our own Afrakan forefathers, who fought during the World Wars and millions died whereas some survived to narrate the horrific treatment as inferior to white soldiers. I am repatriating the souls of Afrakan soldiers who died during the wars without proper burials to their peaceful resting place in Afraka with these white seven (7) flags, which represent purification and peace.

Monumental Lengthy Memorials: October 2022 (24 - 28th) Berlin

Walk of Death is one of the horrors of the World Wars and crimes of colonialism that white historians have never written in world-historical books and televised for the past 79 years. Bear in mind that there’s no healing without my forefathers and no walk of death without my grandfather: BMT4379/Cpl.N4379.

Our 3rd annual memorial was a success. It took place over five days at different five locations:

- South African Embassy accepted and signed our memorandum of demands on Monday, 24th October and the other three embassies quietly ignored our call namely: British, French, and Italian, which is understandable because they are perpetrators that are protecting their errors of yesterday and the white supremacy systems as their legacy. The German Parliament/Bundestag covered their faces with their hands as a sign of guiltiness and shame to face the descendants of Afrakan Colonial Soldiers and Prisoners of Wars because the imposed walk of death was masterminded by their fascism leaders.

We are pleased to find a base for the event to be celebrated at one place/spot every year in Berlin, Germany until the monument is been installed and let meet in Kumasi, the 2nd largest city of Ghana and the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom early next year.


(every day from 11am)
Meeting point
(look for banners & exhibition)
Monday 24th Tiergartenstrasse 18 (opposite the South African Embassy)
Tuesday 25th Unter den Linden Ecke Wilhelmstrasse (on the middle island near the British Embassy)
Wednesday 26th Pariser Platz (opposite the French Embassy)
Thursday 27th Tiergartenstrasse 18 (opposite the Italian Embassy)
Friday 28th Platz der Republik (in front of the Reichstag)